Monday, October 17, 2016



Tajuk yang provokatif di situ. Anda rasa stress dgn tajuk blog ini??


Bekas rakan sepejabat saya berbangsa German pernah berkata " Stress is good. It means you are still alive"

Sepanjang 5 tahun saya berkecimpung di dalam arena sukan renang, berikut adalah pendapat saya mengapa ada orang yang berenang tetapi masih tidak turun berat badannya. Remember, my observation skill is very strong, thats why Im a swimming teacher.

1. Berenang dengan penuh leisure ibarat bersiar-siar di taman.
Saya selalu perhati orang yang tembun-tembun ni lebih suka berendam di dalam kolam renang.
Ataupun mereka akan berenang dengan lemah gemalai dari satu point ke satu point.

Kita boleh perumpamakan (ada ke) mereka ini sebagai orang yg jalan 500 meter dalam tempoh satu jam dan pada masa yang sama akan duduk berehat setiap kali mereka terjumpa kerusi.

Dik, sila sedar bahawa ini tidak membantu mengurangkan berat badan anda.

The rule of thumb. if you feel your body is cold underwater, it means you are not swimming enough.
You should feel heaty if you are doing it right.

2. Pengambilan kalori dan gula yang terlebih dan melampau sebelum dan selepas berenang. Seram cikgu tengok.
Semasa cikgu mengajar di Putrajaya, cikgu akan bertembung dengan cik tembun - cik tembun yang suka berjemur di tebing kolam. bila timing kolam tutup, dia pun naik sekali.
bila kita makan, dia pun makan sekali.
tapi bila kita ambik nasi satu senduk, dia ambik dua senduk.

tsk.. tsk. tsk..

masa cikgu mengajar dulu, selalu cikgu advice dekat pelajar-pelajar cara mengawal kalori terutamanya selepas berenang
Cikgu anda macam mana?

3. Teknik pernafasan yang salah tidak membantu pengempisan perut yang buncit (girtuh usaha cikgu menaip dengan bahasa melayu)

Bernafas menggunakan dada dan paru-paru. Jika perut anda terlibat sama dan bergerak ketika bernafas di dalam air, itu adalah SALAH!

Saya memang cikgu yang garang. Sekian.

p/s: Mengapa saya menulis di dalam bahasa Melayu hari ini?
Kerana, google reminds me that the Malay audience is growing but Malay-languaged contents is still small. Ditto google, ditto..


Hello Audiences and fellow swimmers,

Its been almost 5 years since my last post in the blog.

Nevertheless, suprisingly, I do still received phone calls from people asking if I still conduct swimming lessons at Putrajaya. I still do. However, my customers now are those who have private swimming pools at their home.

 I love love love LOVE to swim. It was the only rigorous sport I can do without succumbing to my knee injuries.

I lose 20kg because of swimming. Was a bit overweight when I started (is 85kg a bit overweight? lol) A big THANK YOU to my first teacher who taught my first breaststroke moves and the correct breathing style (pls pls practice your breathing everytime you are in the pool).

I found out fat people are more skilled at floating than the skinny one (hahaha)

I also found out that what works for me to reduce that weight was by swimming freestyle 10mins sprint (3 times) with 5 mins break interval is one the best cardio workout I ever done. Sweat was still dripping from my forehead 2 hours after each session.

I was in my best figure when I was still giving swimming lessons.
165 cm, 65kg, but lean with muscle.
And a cute butt to boot too thehehe.

I found out the types of food to eat after each swimming session that could reduce my weight further, faster.

For Private Swimming Lessons:
pls call me up at 013-3321252

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 most important equipment

When you come to my class, dont forget to bring these 3 things yah~~

1. Swimming suits
2. goggles
3. swimming cap

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Swimming Modules Offered - Beginner and Intermediate

For those who dont have any basic yet. Usually will take approx 10-12 lessons
Classes consists of the following activities:
- breathing, floating, gliding
- breastroke
- freestyles
- if students finishes early/got balances of lessons, i will also teach trudgen, dolphin kicks and turning.

- backstrokes
- if students finishes early/ got balances of lessons, i will also teach fully submerged freestyles.

Pls enquire more if you have any enquiries on the above modules. I will try to answer all your queries : )

Email me at or sms/call 013-3321252

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Classes schedule as updated on 20 Dec 2010

Class is currently open for registration : )
Therefore, pls hurry and register by calling me (^_^)v

Class A: 9-10am -- Izah + Lina (3 empty slots)

Class B: 5-6pm -- Yusfazimaz + Ija + Nurul + Alina (1 empty slot)
Class c: 9-10am -- Adila + Anim + Shida (2 empty slots)

max students per class = 5-6 person.

Pls call/sms for further 013-3321252

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Swimming lessons for MMU Student -- Ladies only

Swimming lesson for MMU student- ladies only

Class is conducted in ladies-only swimming pool by female swimming instructor. Suitable for those who are concerned with covering their aurat or just prefer to swim in their comfort. Also suitable for ladies who has weight problems, knee problems or back pain and to maintain overall fitness and health.

Lessons in this class is from basic until freestyle and there include many extras: water confidence, water survival skills, safety issues.  All are welcome to join! 
Pls let me know if you are interested in learning butterfly and backstrokes.

Preferably in groups of 4 person, however, One-to-One class is also available.

For more information please feel free to call me at 013-3321252 : )